Guardian Watch Volume 1 Issue 2

The Official Newsletter of the Temple Guardians Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 2

Hello Guardians!

The temple burns in 35 days!

Here are the latest happenings in our community!

Important Dates and Announcements

OMG Sale: Wednesday August 2nd at Noon
The last batch of official tickets sold by Burning Man go on sale tomorrow at noon. As mentioned in last week’s newsletter, you must have pre-registered for this sale last week. Remember to set an alarm and don’t miss out!

T-Shirts and Hoodies Available for Sale!

T-shirts and Hoodies are available for just a few more days, order now so that you don’t miss the shipping deadline to get yours before playa!

Scheduling Update: Help us fill some shifts!

Thanks everyone for signing up for shifts.  While we’re doing well overall, there are a few shifts that need to be filled by veteran guardians before we can consider opening up more spaces in popular times.  Please help us be able to make this call by signing up for one or more of the following tough to fill slots:

Sunday 8/27 11:00pm – 3:00am (3 veterans needed)

Saturday 9/2 7:00pm – 11:00pm (1 veteran needed)

Saturday 9/2  11:00pm – 3:00am (3 veterans needed)

Sunday 9/3 3:00am – 7:00am (2 veteran needed)

There is always a need for guardians on every shift on Temple Burn Sunday – new and veterans are most welcome!

If you find yourself unable to come to Burning Man this year, please take your name off  of the schedule or let us know so we can do it for you – help us make this space available to Guardians seeking the opportunity to serve!

Today’s Top Three

The Top Three Places You Should Know as a Temple Guardian

  • Temple Training Area (Temple Guardians @ Center Camp 5:30 & Esplanade). The spot  is where all our volunteers, new and veteran, will be trained on how to be an awesome Guardian. All Guardians are required to attend a training shift. If you haven’t already done so, please sign up on out scheduling tool Babalooey:
  • Temple Guardian Outpost (At Outpost Zero, off the 9:00 side  of the promenade about 600’ before the  Temple ) . This is where you’ll be checking in and out for each of your shifts. Limited support resources also include some water replenishment supplies, etc.
  • Nearest ESD Location (at Outpost Zero). The medical support tent that is closest to the Temple is a resource for emergency situations. Please note: Minor cuts and scrapes? Please take care of these through your own first aid supplies or go to your Voice to get access to the first aid kit that we keep in the Guardians Outpost.

Do you know what to do if someone gets hurt or sick?

Read through the new Black Rock City first aid booklet and what you need in your playa first aid kit:

Guardian Spotlight

NAME: Leslie Foster




CAMP: Gigsville


During my second year as a Guardian, I was on shift around 2 am Sunday morning. The space was packed as people poured into the Temple for the last time. I’ve often experienced a range of emotions in the space, all mixing together in that special way I’ve only witnessed in the Temple, but that night was different. The overwhelming emotions were heaviness and grief. Someone started to sob loudly and it was as if something broke open. People across the Temple began to cry. And then the most incredible thing happened; Burners reached out to each other and began comforting their neighbors, holding space for whatever they were feeling. In that moment, the power of the Temple seemed to shine out. Everyone in the Temple was transformed into a Guardian and took that role willingly. I spent the rest of the time knowing that I wasn’t on shift with just a handful of other Guardians, I was there with hundreds.


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