Frequently Asked Questions

Does volunteering with the Temple Guardians qualify me for a free ticket?
Volunteering at Burning Man does not guarantee a ticket. You still will need to purchase your ticket in order to attend the event.

How do I volunteer to help build the Temple?
You need to volunteer directly with the temple crew that is building the Temple for the next event.  Generally our volunteer coordination team can point you in the right direction.  Email us for information.

How is the next Temple design selected?
The Burning Man reviews and selects the proposal for the Temple during the same review cycle of all the other art grant proposals. Artists who build Temples in Black Rock City are not just building a large-scale art project. They’re creating something for the community and fulfilling a civic need. If you feel drawn to create the Temple, one of the first questions you should ask is not “WHAT am I doing this for?” but rather “WHO am I doing this for?” Email us for details on how the process works and how you can apply.

How does the Burning Man decide on a Temple?
It’s really important that the concept for the Temple spiritually resonates, and that it’s a shared community art piece. Many see it as our emotional nexus for Black Rock City. Successful designs are both intimate and immense – with many small areas (often called altars) for participants to leave tributes, as well as one or more large gathering spaces, holding hundreds (possibly a thousand) at a time. Like every art grant that Burning Man awards, the Temple is also based on proven resources.  Teams are judged on previous large-scale projects, as well as a proven record of plans created and executed for large fundraising events and campaigns for art projects.

I want to be a Temple Guardian. What can I do?
To join our volunteer team, please fill out the Burning Man Volunteer Questionnaire and mark down “Temple Guardians” as your department of interest.

How to I request a name be added to the Remembrance Plaque of Names?
Since 1996, an anonymous Burner has created a plaque to commemorate members of our community who have passed away the previous year. This tradition continues to honor those people who have affected our Burning experiences and who participated in creating Burning Man. This is a call out to you, our community, to please let us know of any Burners lost in the last year whose names you feel should be added to this year’s Remembrance Plaque. Please visit this page to submit your commemoration. Submissions must be received by July 20th to be included on this year’s plaque. Submissions after the 20th will be added to next year’s plaque. Look for the completed plaque at the base of the Man. May their spirits move on to the eternal playa!