Temple Guardians Support Camp (Temple Oasis)

For those who wish to camp at Oasis- please fill out the form found here:


The Temple Guardians have a sponsored service camp, Temple Oasis – Temple Oasis welcomes all that serve the Temple.

Previously known as Temple Homage, Temple Oasis is an established camp that has stayed the same in general makeup, but our mission has changed in many ways over the years, and “Oasis” is a better designator of our forward vision.

What we offer is a decompression spot and camp for those who have gathered at, worked at, or been a guardian at the Temple.

An Oasis on the playa from the strain and stress of the Temple and our service to it; a place to find others who are welcome to talk or sit in knowing silence as we unwind our experiences.

This camp is open to new Burners and veterans alike.

If interested in learning more, please contact:

Harbor or Cloud

You can also check out our Facebook Group!