What You Need To Know About Holacracy Roles

Suppose you’d like to consider taking on a Role within Temple Guardians. In that case, there are a few things to know about how we operate, which is very different from a traditional organization.

The Temple Guardians Organization is a Holacracy

Holacracy is a method of decentralized management and organizational governance. We distribute authority and decision-making through self-organizing and self-governing teams called Circles. The rules of the game (authority, structure, decision making, governance) are defined in a ratified constitution

Our structure and governance are transparent and always available to view here.

Roles are different in Holacracy 

“As a Role Lead, you have the authority to take any action or make any decision to enact your Role’s Purpose or Accountabilities, as long as you don’t break a rule defined in this Constitution.”

Holacracy Constitution Article 4.1

That’s a lot of autonomy! And of course, this comes with some fundamental responsibilities:

  • Fully participating in Holacracy
  • Providing transparency on what you’re doing
  • Promptly responding to messages and requests
  • Prioritising your work in a way that works for everyone

Role Leads work together in groups called Circles

Circles are groups of roles that serve a common purpose. These groups hold regular Tactical and Governance meetings. Each circle has:

  • A Lead who sets priorities and strategies (but doesn’t manage)
  • A Facilitator, selected by circle members, who helps manage meetings to be effective and ensures everyone’s views are honored
  • A Secretary, selected by circle members, who manages all the Holacracy documentation and administration
  • A Rep, selected by circle members, who represents the group within it’s encompassing Circle.

Everyone is supported in learning Holacracy

This way of organizing and managing is new to all of us, and we’re committed to learning together. We’re here to support each other every step of the way. We have a training video on the basics, which you can watch here.

What Roles are available?

You can find all available Roles here.