A long standing tradition among Guardians has been to collaborate on a gift project to benefit all who serve each year. These decorative pieces serve both to reflect the design of the Temple and make a lovely keepsake to remind us of our commitment and experiences. These also serve to subtly but easily identify us to participants and other Guardians without distracting from the atmosphere of the Temple.

Every year Guardians who feel the calling express themselves through a gift of art that is submitted so that all team members get an opportunity to vote on their favorite design.

Our bandannas are a strictly volunteer effort that we raise funds for so that each and every Guardian serving gets one. Honestly that is what makes them special — they are a gift from the community that goes out to the community. We work together on selecting the design, and many people choose to support the costs of production.

No one is required to make a donation toward the bandannas or other gifts. We all do what we can when we can. Your work as a Temple Guardian is a huge contribution alone. You may even feel like creating a gift of your own. Whatever you choose to do, know that we all love and support you just for being a part of the Temple Guardians. The fact that you are a part of our team is the most important thing.