2023 Temple Guardians & the Ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic

A Statement From the Temple Guardians on Covid Preparation as We Prepare to Return to Black Rock City

As we prepare to return to the city which we create for the first time in three years, everyone’s mind eventually and inevitably turns to the reason we’ve been away- the Covid-19 virus, and what preparations are being made for BRC citizens.

The Burning Man Project itself has extensively worked to come up with guidelines for a safe event, and earlier this month, Charlie Dolman, Director of Event Operations, held a series of Zoom town halls to discuss preparations with the different department heads.

During these calls, it was acknowledged that there was little that could be dictated to the population of Black Rock City and the best that could be done is to offer an appropriate amount of PPE to the departments, advise that the best practice to avoid contracting and/or spreading the virus is vaccination and use of tight-fitting facial masks, and requiring them to be worn wear possible.

To that end, the Temple Guardians have been provided with a number of masks, sanitizer, air purifier for internal areas, and a limited number of rapid tests for those showing symptoms who are serving as Guardians.

A discussion of The Burning Man Project’s preparation and guidance on the subject may be found here: Community Care: Living and Working Together in Black Rock City 2022

The Guardians’ Council was asked to prepare a working response plan to Covid should members of our team contract it while at the 2022 event. Along with hewing closely to the guidance provided by the BM Project, we outlined a draft plan for aiding those Guardians who may find themselves sidelined if they contract the virus while in Black Rock City.

As we receive feedback from the org on these plans, we’ll pass it on to you, our volunteers. Most importantly, we want you to feel comfortable when serving as a Guardian. If at any time you feel you are uncomfortable with proximity related to training or service at the Temple, please reach out to your Voice (shift lead) or contact someone at Temple Guardians HQ at 5:30 and Esplanade.

Prior to being on-playa, please reach out with concerns and questions to templeguardians@burningman.org.Thanks to all of you for your continued service to the Temple and its visitors, and we can’t wait to see everyone in the dust.

-Temple Guardians Council