2013 Camp Archive

Welcome to the Temple Guardians Camp at 8:30 & C!


After 11 years on the Playa, the Temple Guardians are thrilled to inaugurate their very own camp dedicated to offering support to Temple Guardians as well as providing a camping option for BRC residents who share our love for the Temple. In addition to special activities and features specifically designed to help the Guardians, we offer some great general amenities and comforts.  Anyone who’s ever volunteered as a Guardian knows how good it feels to do this work and to be a part of this group. Interested? Read on….

What We Offer The BRC Community At Large

We all know the ineffable beauty of the Temple. It’s a hub where the emotional and spiritual energy of 60,000+ people converges — a place to let go of pain, find solace, and have epiphanies… about anything. Our camp is a central location for visitors to share their personal experiences about the Temple and learn about the Temple Guardians’ history within the Burning Man community. We will also offer information about the Temple itself.

What We Offer The Temple Guardian Volunteers

One of our camp’s main objectives is to support the Temple Guardians at the Temple. In the past, orientation and training sessions for Guardians were held at fluctuating times in various locations. Now all orientation and training sessions will take place at the Temple Guardians Camp making the training process more consistent and effective. We’ll also offer coffee for volunteers on the late night/early morning shifts and host some social activities. The camp is a place where Guardians can share their Temple experiences and unwind after their shift.

What We Offer Our Camp Members

Our core group of seasoned burners has the experience and knowledge to create a strong, fully realized infrastructure. Our mid-sized camp of about 30 will feature some great general amenities and comforts such as:

  • KITCHEN FACILITIES: Our kitchen facilities will be open 24 hours a day for you to use to cook your meals. There will also be one camp group meal prepared each day around noon. We will break into teams of 4 for this daily meal preparation for 30 campmates. This means you only need to help provide / prepare one noon meal during the week, and then you are free to enjoy the noon meals prepared by other campmates the rest of your time on the playa.
  • SHADED COMMON AREA: A large shade structure will serve as our camp common area as well as space for Temple Guardian training sessions and any public social gatherings.
  • SHOWER: The shower facilities will operate 24 hours a day. Just bring your own water. We will provide some additional showering and water conservation guidelines shortly.
  • CAMP DUTIES: We will have a variety of service positions, so you can choose how you want to contribute (e.g., daily LNT sweep (leave no trace), coffee runs to the Temple for Guardians during late night / early morning shifts, camp construction / tear down). An online signup sheet will be released shortly.
  • LIGHTING: Camp common area lighting will be provided by a solar cell / battery solution. We will also have generator power as a back-up when necessary (i.e., for daily re-charge time).

At our core, this is a service camp to support the Temple Guardians and the larger Burning Man community. As such, we rely on everyone in the camp to participate to help things run smoothly. Additional responsibilities for camp members may include bringing some extra water for camp use, packing out at least one bag of camp-generated trash, bringing communal snacks to share, and bringing some food / drink items for social events.

After registering, you’ll receive a non-refundable donation request for $75.00 per person (via WePay) to help support the Temple Guardians Camp. Once you make your donation, your spot in the camp is reserved and guaranteed. Thanks again for your commitment to the Temple Guardians Camp. Let’s get ready to burn!