EMPYREAN is available for visitation!

Dear Temple Family

After three months of dedicated work by a COVID-19 safe crew, the EMPYREAN Temple build in Santa Rosa has been completed. It now stands as a beacon of inspiration and hope for a changing world. 

The EMPYREAN Temple Santa Rosa build is a proof-of-concept project which comprises two of the eight Canopies, or star blades, that will make up the full-scale EMPYREAN Temple for the the next official Burning Man event. EMPYREAN is located on a picturesque hillside in the Paradise Ridge Winery outdoor sculpture garden in Santa Rosa, California. The current structure will be moved to the playa and become part of the finished Temple in Black Rock City. 

Click on the links below to view videos of the build:


Also, more video can be found at the following site:


The Site, Visitation and Offerings

 While on private property, the site is open and free to the public on a simple walk-in basis daily 10 to 4:30. You can check  other information at www.prwinery.com, the winery’s website. The outdoor area where EMPYREAN sits is spacious,  so Covid-safe distance visitation is possible. 

Please check the Guardians site before any visitation.

  To be clear, this is an installation, not a Temple. Wood pieces for writing Temple offerings, and a chest to hold them, have been placed at the site. Temple Guardian volunteers will be present at the site to insure the sanctity of the offerings so they can be carried to the Temple when it next rises at Black Rock City. 

Special Night Visitation

EMPYREAN is illuminated for night experience. The lighting creates an ethereal aura where the patterns of the ancient gods ISHTAR, RA, BENNU and ATUM dance in a surreal electric experience.

The Winery property will be open for night visitation for one hour after sunset on the first and third Saturday of each month, from March 6 through June 19, 2021.  These special events will be hosted by EMPYREAN Staff and volunteers from the Temple Guardians. 

Schedules may change, so PLEASE CHECK the Temple Guardians website https://templeguardians.burningman.org  before making your night visit.

A Call for Temple Guardian Support

Seven days a week the winery is open to the public from 10am to 4:30pm on a free walk-in basis. The property is gated after 4:30. EMPYREAN has increased visitation to the site considerably and the winery owners and staff have concerns related to this influx….and we haven’t even made a public announcement to the Burning Man Community yet!

To ensure respect for the grounds of our wonderful hosts, EMPYREAN Crew, in conjunction with Temple Guardian volunteers, will be acting as Site Hosts to address these issues. Of course, some Guardians may be present, but we’re using the term Hosts as a general category for Build Crew / Guardians that are on site.

If you are a Temple Guardian and can be onsite in Santa Rosa, we need you! This won’t be traditional service, but more an aid to the Crew of EMPYREAN and the staff of its wonderful hosts at the winery as the public visits. If you can help, please go to the event signup sheet here: http://bit.ly/santarosaguardians Thank you!

If you can help, please go to the event signup sheet here: http://bit.ly/santarosaguardians Thank you!

EMPYREAN INCEPTION: A Gathering & Fundraiser

Because of COVID, the build team will not be able to host the traditional onsite wrap-up gathering; but will instead hold a live virtual Temple gathering & Fundraising Event — called EMPYREAN INCEPTION —  on Saturday March 13.  See: www.dustymultiverse.com  for more information about this event.

The EMPYREAN Temple Project Going Forward

Burning Man Project recently announced that they are cautiously planning toward a 2021 Black Rock City event, and so, the EMPYREAN Team is doing likewise. Should Burning Man be able to go forward, the Temple pre-build process will begin around May 1. More information should be forthcoming around April 1.

The ability of the EMPYREAN team to move forward is contingent on funding, and you can help by making a generous donation via PayPal or credit card by clicking here:


…even the smallest gift can make a difference. The Temple is built and cared for by volunteers, but it’s an expensive project nonetheless. As little as $20 can make a huge difference!  

The Temple means different things to different people, from the quietly appreciative to those who find it transformational. Team EMPYREAN are the builders of an empty vessel for the people of Black Rock City. EMPYREAN will become a living part of the Burning Man culture when BRC emerges from the desert — whether this year or in the future.

Peace; the Crew