Temple Guardians Support Camp (Homage Camp)

In addition to the Temple Guardian’s Headquarters camp,  we also have an Org sponsored service camp.  

Our camp is a place:
·        Which allows sharing of experiences and contemplation of some of life’s bigger questions.
·        That is deeply rooted with a sense of participation, responsibility, and respect.
·        Where participants can share spiritual experiences and insights to serve as a catalyst for spiritual growth and evolution.
·        That is simple and minimalistic in design but allows for spontaneity.
·        That exists to serve the Burning Man community and is open for Guardians to camp and visit during their time on the playa.

Many of us have been drawn to this camp from a deep connection to spiritual or emotional experiences, or a life journey that has a Burning Man temple as a common denominator. We’re a soulful, down to earth, reverent type of environment with much life experience to share.

Update- August 15th, 2022- Homage Camp is full for the 2022 Burn! Thanks to all for your interest!

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