Pre-Event Shift Application

We always needs experienced Temple Guardians to staff pre-event shifts at the Temple. Pre-event shifts are mostly about maintaining the safety perimeter around the Temple while it is still a construction zone and helping others stay out of the way of the Temple Crew. These 4-hour pre-event shifts will run from Wednesday (August 23rd, 2017) through Sunday (August 27th, 2017).

Pre-Event Shift Stipulations (for those who will already be coming in to the event under another department, team, or camp):

  • You must have a Work Access Pass.
  • You must have a ticket to Burning Man.

Work Access Pass Stipulations (for those seeking an early arrival pass from Temple Guardians):

  • If you are seeking an early arrival pass from the Temple Guardians, you must commit to work at least three shifts pre-event plus an additional 2 shifts through the event week.
  • Prior volunteer experience with the Temple Guardians is required.  We will not be able to approve applications from anyone who does not have at least one year of experience as a Temple Guardian on playa.

Requesting a pre-event shift does not guarantee you will receive a Work Access Pass from the Temple Guardians. If you are arriving before the Burning Man gate opens to the public, every person in your vehicle must also have an individual valid WAP with bar code. Bar codes are good for ONE ENTRY ONLY.  We are not able to provide WAPs for spouses or traveling companions.

To apply, please email