Temple Guardians Vision Statement

Temple Guardians

Internal guidelines: Vision Statement

Who are the Temple Guardians?

We are an organization committed to holding the sacred space of the Temple.

  • We provide the Temple with grounding and love. We follow a philosophy that calls for small pushes from a great distance to hold the sacred space of the Temple. Nothing is added but what participants create themselves.
  • When we do interact, we do so with love, peace and respect. We carry in our hearts the sacred space of the Temple with us into every interaction, using our commitment to groundedness and serenity to guide and shape our interactions with others. From breakdowns, we create breakthroughs in love, peace and respect.

What love, peace and respect looks like for a Guardian.

  • We create a safe and sacred space everywhere – at the Temple, and wherever we gather.
  • As a Guardian, we courageously stand for peace and resolve conflicts directly. Out of breakdowns, we create breakthroughs.
  • We do not add our own material. Unresolved conflict pollutes the space and distracts from the sacred space our community creates.

A Temple Guardian is present, calm, in the background and invisible when not needed, aware of any risks to safety.

A Temple Guardian is in communication with other guardians, available to others.

A Temple Guardian resolves issues directly with the people involved without complaining or gossiping.

A Temple Guardian is on time, present, at peace, in communication, focused on the community and our mission.