Bandana Contest

The 2019 Temple Guardian Bandanna Contest is now open!

If you’ve ever dreamt of having your art seen by tens of thousands of people, now’s your chance, because it’s time once again to select the art for our Temple Guardian bandanas!

These bandanas have been worn by every Guardian during their Temple shifts since 2002.  They serve not only to identify Guardians to Burners visiting the Temple, but they also become treasured mementos of each Burn because of their artistry and the memories they evoke.  For more information on the history of the blue bandana, please click here. 

If you’re interested in leaving your mark on the 2019 Burn, start thinking about and creating art now for this year’s bandana! Show us through your submission what the Temple of Direction, Burning Man, and this year’s theme (Metamorphoses) mean to you. If selected, your art will become part of Temple Guardian history by being printed onto the bandana worn by hundreds of Guardians.

Interested in trying to get your ideas onto our bandanas?  Here are the official guidelines:

    1. This year we are going to allow 4 choices in Temple colors. You can pick 1 (and only one) as your background. You can then choose up to 2 (meaning one or two) of the remaining 3 colors for your design (Color Guidelines)
    1. Please place the Temple Guardians logo in at least two corners of the bandana as illustrated by the template. You can find the template file HERE.
    1. Please refrain from using religious or dogmatic symbols.
    1. File format: Photoshop, Illustrator or PDF only, please.
    1. These items are a memorable piece of the Temple Guardians experience for everyone who receives them.  Please design your art to reflect the Temple (or Temple and event theme for the year).


    Deadline to submit designs is May 31, 2019.

    All submissions will be reviewed and selected designs will be voted on in June.

    Please email your design entries to with the subject line: “Bandana Contest 2019.”

For inspiration, check out our gallery of historical TG bandanas!